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Main page.

On my main page you will find general information about me and links to any specific information you might be interested in.





What is Rhythm Test.

Rhythm Test is an experimental project that that is developed hang in hand with the uesrs.

The basic idea is to make a rhythm/music experience where tha user gets to "play around". This application should be fun even without a purpose (no highscore). Therefore it's not really designed as a game.


Rhythm Test is available on App Store for the 3Gs iPhone. If it becomes a succes I might make a lighter version that will run on the older iPhone models. Visit the blog and take part in that discussion.



If you have problems.

Goto my main page and e-mail me. Do not expect me to reply personally (as I am only one person).

I will post common answers here.


If you have ideas for new features/changes.

Development goes on. Please visit the blog and join the discussions.



I will be happy to participate in whatever you are working on.

I only have very little press material but feel free to make requests.

Here are some screenshots: